Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moon Sparkles

This photo was taken last night without the aid of any filters or special effects. The moon glow can be seen above the tree tops and creates a sparkle effect on the leaves of one tree.

I have always looked up to the night sky and loved it all, even as a child. As an adult, when I lived in AZ, the night sky was particularly beautiful and clear. There was always something very special about seeing the moon rising over the Tucson Mountains as I drove east, early in the evening. And many a night at the full moon, I would drive down to the ocean in HI, to see how the moon would shine over the Pacific. Or, other times, I would drive the Hamakua Coast and stop just above Onomea Bay, to see how the moon sparkled on the ocean below. On my first trip to Santiago, Chile, as we flew in low over the Andes, I was treated to the wonderful convergence of the sun rising and the moon setting. What a great memory for me!

How many songs can you name that have the word moon in the lyrics? "Moon River," "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "Paper Moon," "Moon Over Bourbon Street," "Dancin' In The Moonlight," "Carolina Moon," "Moonlight Bay," "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," "Blue Moon," "Moonshadow." I am sure you can think of many more!

Do you have good emotions when you see a full moon? Any sweet memories? Below: "Moon Embraced by Leaves"

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