Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moon Over the Bayou

Tonight, a view of the moon was fairly clear with some buttermilk clouds that dispersed into bigger clouds.  The day was filled with intermittent rain showers, some heavy at times.  We welcome the rain because our gardens have been so adversely affected by last year's drought.  This rainy season has brought life back to our grasses and trees.

Yet, the rain has filled up the bayous and low-lying areas with water perfect for breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  We are plagued with mosquitoes constantly biting us.  They are even in our homes!  One cannot open the door that they do not fly inside ready to feast on our blood.  Some humans in our area have come down with West Nile Virus.  Even the geckos cannot keep up with the opulent feast of their favorite food.  It is the worst mosquito season I have ever experienced.