Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainy Day - A Big Celebration

 Water droplets are visible on the pinnate leaves of the sago palms.

Yes!  It rained today!  The first rain since January, just when I thought that I would lose all my plants to the terrible drought.  

 A real puddle ... something so welcomed today.
A lone pink crepe myrtle blossom floats in the rain puddle.

 More raindrops on the Sago palms.
 I planted this mum last year when I thought it was all but dead.  It is making a slow come-back.
 My beloved variegated ginger, the one plant that survived last year's harsh winter and this summer's brutal heat (so far.) 

The life-giving water finally came down today.  It didn't last long but it was enough to really wet the soil.  I hope my trees got a decent drink.