Friday, January 13, 2012

Rain Comes to Houston

On Monday, January 9th, Houston got a good soaking and a few tornadoes.  The trees at last had a deep, deep drink, down to their deepest roots.

The streets in my area of town were impassible, as a few drivers found out. 

Unfortunately, the pansies I had just planted a few days earlier in the balmy weather washed away.  Along with the pansies, the top soil and mulch swirled and receded to the storm drains, too.

It was warm enough for shorts and I ventured out; however, when the water was three inches above my knees, I retreated to higher ground.
 A driver who took his chances without a good result.
 This fire hydrant is normally at the curb of my yard.  You can see the concentric circles the rain drops make.
 One row of pansies already doomed.

 Deep water.  The mulch is swirling around in about 2-3 feet of water in the yard.
 Rain drops obvious in the deep pool of rain.  Rain continued to fall the entire day and night.  A real good soaking, so desperately needed after a year of drought.

That little island of grass is actually the yard across the street!

The two stumps are remnants of pine trees that died in this past year's drought.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Moon Mesmerizes

There is nothing like a full moon to mesmerize... especially when it is shadowed by clouds.