Sunday, March 21, 2010

Petunias Grace Some Public Buildings

Large plantings of petunias grace some of the public buildings in the neighborhood. These red ones are particularly noticeable. Gardeners know that deadheading petunias make them bloom again and again. What is deadheading? It is pinching off the dead blooms as necessary.
The best technique for deadheading is to use your thumb and forefinger or thumb and middle finger to pinch off each spent blossom. The essential part of this process is also to take off the green part from which the petals were growing. You might want to use pruning shears for this task, and that is fine. Just be sure to remove the dead blooms and their seed pods three times a week.

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  1. I love hanging baskets of petunias for my garden. I have to put them in the shade or grow them only during the winter months here, the Treasure Coast of Florida. For summer, I can use hanging geraniums (in shade)