Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O Pine Tree, O Pine Tree

The ubiquitous Pine Tree has seemed to grow in every place I have ever lived and they provide shelter for little critters. The pines are part of my family's heritage, as well, and my forbearers tapped pine trees in South Carolina in 1800 for turpentine used as a component of varnish for ships as well as other uses.

Some experts estimate 125 species of pine. My brother once fell out of a 40 ft. Australian pine, landed on a pipe line and didn't seem the worse for it. Although, it did scare the p-jammers out of my mother.

The squirrels like to run up and down the rough bark and compete with birds for the seeds in the bird feeder. Around here, the squirrels are relatively small and skinny, with their characteristic bushy tails. Of course they love the oaks across the street, with their rich acorns, that abound in the Houston area. Not too far from here, feral parrots glide from pine top to pine top.

My son once tossed a brick up into our pine tree to try to dislodge his football and the brick came down on his head!

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