Sunday, August 5, 2012


 Angelonia is native to Mexico and the West Indies, which accounts for its satisfactory growth in Houston with proper care, although our summers have become quite brutal, which makes the plants suffer and require a good deal of water.  Otherwise, they will just wither away.
 The Angelonia plant blooms in a variety of colors, from purple to white and various shades in between.  Angelonia can be propigated from tip cuttings, by division of the root mass, or by seed. For a head start, sow seed indoors at 70-75 F,  6-8 weeks before the last expected frost. Of course, the patented cultivar 'Angelmist' may not be commercially propagated without a propagation license from the patent holder.  (Not shown in any of these photos.)
 Some gardeners liken their blooms to those of the snap dragon, and there is a resemblance.
 These are so pretty they look like they could be part of a natural bridal bouquet.
A new variety of these plants is called Angelmist.  If you like the looks of these, check with your local grower for these and the new Angelmist.

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