Friday, July 29, 2011

Drought Takes Its Toll

Texas is experiencing the worst drought on record.  We are in a 30 inch precipitation deficit and the expected land-fall of tropical storm/hurricane Don is not going to bring us the much needed rain we had hoped.

The dead leaves on the Redbud tree that should be green at this time of year is testimony to the drought and heat, despite lots of watering.  The grass in the background is green at great expense of water, now known as liquid gold in Texas.
An evergreen hedge has curled up and died.  Can it make a come-back?  Who knows?
Lots of spots of entirely dead grass, with not even one green blade peeking through.
More dead plants, unable to withstand the horrible heat and lack of water.
 Dead Nandina leaves.
And more...

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  1. So sad to see. We have had so much rain, my flowering trees are trying to bloom! It was too dry when the real bloom season was here, so they are trying to make up for the poor showing of before... in a small way.