Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Memory of Audrey Wade

Today's post is dedicated to a remarkable woman. This afternoon was the service for Audrey Wade, my beloved neighbor for more than twenty years, and my friend for much longer, who died June 29, 2010. Audrey was a truly wonderful person, full of life and smiles, full of love for all, truly guileless, inquisitive, adventuresome, and brave. She and her husband were fond of taking trips and they inevitably brought back some treasures for my children or for me. There are many reminders of Audrey around my house. Audrey and Jim raised six great kids and contributed mightily to their community and to their church. Audrey would frequently pop over to my house to chat or to bring a goodie. Other times we chatted over our common back wall. She was always ready to share something with me including late-night excursions to her backyard to see the night-blooming cereus. There are many tales I could tell and all of them good and wonderful.

Lucky for me, I saw Audrey in December last year when I had lunch with her and her dear husband Jim. Audrey will forever remain in my heart. She will be missed by so many to whom she was beloved. My prayers go out to Jim and all the family.

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  1. Special friends mean so much. Audrey seems like a winner of a friend. You have many memories. Hold them close...