Friday, May 28, 2010

Daylilies Abound

Daylilies are in full bloom in Houston gardens now. One sees them in public and private plantings. Their buttery yellow blooms are a welcomed addition to the landscapes. They are particularly beautiful when planted in masses.

My mother always had a flair for decorating and having a beautiful house. Imagine a living room with orange walls in the mid-50s, when everyone else had white walls. Add to that, gorgeous floral, dark green ceiling-to-floor curtains, and chairs without arms that curved around your back, a light green silk sofa that was almost a semi-circle, once all the pieces were pushed together. That's what I mean. And why mention all that? Because Mother loved to grow tiger lilies by the dozens and she would cut them and put them in one of her prized crystal vases, to decorate the living room. Perfect flowers for a perfect room.

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